Shah Jahani Raita Recipe

Shah Jahani Raita Recipe

Shah Jahani Raita


Preparation full timeCooking timeHow many people is it for?Calories
15 Min15 Min3 person90


1.A cup of fresh yogurt
2.1 small piece of chicken (cut into small pieces)
3.Raisins five grams
4.1 teaspoon cumin seeds (roasted)
5.Peas 20 grams (soaked and fried)
6.Black pepper a teaspoon
7.Gourd thirty grams (boiled)
8.Four almonds
9.Onion finely chopped in half
10.One green chilli
11.One banana
12.Coriander and mint for garnish

Step by Step Instructions:

1.Take fresh curd and beat it well and then add boiled chicken pieces to it
2.Mix a teaspoon of saffron in lukewarm milk and add it to curd
3.Then add peas, black pepper, gourd and banana and mix well.
4.Cut the raisins into small pieces and mix them with the grated paneer cumin and almonds
5.Add them to the previous mixture and beat well
6.Then decorate it with coriander and mint leaves and keep it in the fridge
7.Eat delicious raita only after an hour

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Shah Jahani Raita

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