Pepper Rice Recipe

Pepper Rice Recipe
Preparation full time
Cooking time
How many people is it for?
60 Min30 Min4 People


1.One and a half cups of rice
2.Four to six chicken sausages
3.Salt to taste
4.A tablespoon of crushed garlic
5.Baked beans/white beans 3/4 cup
6.A quantity of capsicum
7.One bowl of coconut milk
8.Three to four fresh red chillies
9.Cooking oil 3 to 4 tbsp

Step by Step Instructions:

1.Baked beans are readily available in tins, if not, wash and soak white beans in hot water, then boil and drain. Cut capsicum into small pieces.
2.After soaking the rice for fifteen to twenty minutes, boil a pot.
3.Heat cooking oil in a pan and fry the garlic until golden.
4.Then fry the sausages cut into small pieces in it.
5.Add beans, capsicum, finely chopped red chillies and rice and mix and finally add coconut milk and salt and keep it on low flame.
6.Start by taking it out in a hot dish.

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Pepper Rice Recipe

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Pepper Rice Recipe

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