Arabic Samosa Recipe

Arabic Samosa Recipe

Arabic Samosa


Preparation full timeCooking timeHow many people is it for?
20-25 Min20 Min2 Person


1.Potato half kg
2.Onion grinded half
3.Red chillies half a teaspoon
4.Two teaspoons of white cumin seeds
5.Two teaspoons of lemon juice
6.Butter an oles
7.Add 2 piece of crushed garlic
8.Fennel powder half teaspoon
9.Two hard-boiled eggs
10.Samosa patti (strip) as per requirement

Step by Step Instructions:

1.Heat a tablespoon of oil and cook onions and other spices as well
2.Mix it with boiled, mashed potatoes and butter
3.Add finely chopped eggs and lemon juice to the hot mixture
4.Make this stuffing and taste it with salt and pepper
5.Take a samosa strip and fill a spoonful of the filling and place it in one corner
6.Bring this corner to the end of the other corner and in the same way bring the corners together to the last corner and close it
7.In this way, this samosa will be shaped like a triangle
8.Apply egg white on these samosas with the help of a brush and sprinkle white cumin
9.Grease the oven & make it oily and bake for twenty minutes and fry in oil or ghee.

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