American Fruit Stew Recipe in English

american fruit stew recipe

American Fruit Stew Recipe


1.Guava Cup
2.Peach Cup
3.Apple Cup
4.Apricot Cup
5.Pear Cup
6.Melon Cup
7.Sugar Cup
8.Cream as needed

Step by Step Instructions:

1.Peel all fruits.
2.Remove the seeds etc and cut all the pieces as per requirement.
3.Then put all the fruit pieces in a pot and add enough water to submerge all the fruits.
4.Put the pot on the stove and let all the fruits boil in water until they become soft.
5.When you see that the fruits have become soft, add sugar to them.
6.You can add more or less sugar to keep it sweet.
7.After five minutes of adding the sugar, take the pot off the stove.
8.The stew is served with Shere.
9.Cream or malai is also poured on top of it and some people also put custard on it.

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