American Chowmein Recipe

American Chowmein Recipe

American Chowmein


Preparation full timeCooking timeHow many people is it for?
15 Min30 Min4 persons


1.Egg noodles 1 packet
2.Green onion (chopped) 2 pcs
3.Carrot (cut into strips) 2 pcs
4.Cabbage (chopped) 3 cups
5.2 capsicums (cut into strips)
6.Garlic (chopped) 1 tbsp
7.Paprika powder 1 teaspoon
8.Black Chillies (chopped) 1 tsp
9.Worcester Sauce 2 tbsp
10.Salt to taste
11.Oil as required

Step by Step Instructions:

1.Boil the noodles, drain the water in a strainer and add a little oil and mix so that the noodles do not stick.
2.Heat oil in a saucepan and add garlic and fry and add noodles and mix.
3.Add green onion, carrot, capsicum, cabbage, salt, paprika powder, chopped black chillies, Worcestershire sauce and noodles and mix.
4.Remove to a serving dish and start with the Chili Garlic Sauce.

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American Chowmein Recipe

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