American Biscuits Recipe

American Biscuits Recipe

American Biscuits Recipe


Preparation full timeCooking timeHow many people is it for?Calories
20 Min10 min10 persons90


1.3/4 cup sifted wheat flour
2.Two tablespoons of flour (leveled from above)
3.A small pinch of salt
4.Baking powder 1/2 tsp
5.Porridge (Canned Oatmeal) 2 Tbsp.
6.Three tablespoons of butter
7.Three tablespoons of powdered sugar
8.Milk 2-1/2 tbsp

Step by Step Instructions:

1.Sift flour, flour, salt and baking powder three times
2.Now pour the porridge
3.Add butter to all ingredients and mix with hands
4.Now add milk and mix
5.Add more milk if needed
6.The maw should be stiff enough to comfortably hold the flattened tray away by forming small round pegs.
7.Press lightly on top and bake
8.Apply this dough with a floured hand and make it thin, cut out rounds from a mold and pierce them with a fork from far and wide.
9.Then bake

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American Biscuits Recipe

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