Afghani Musliim Pulao Recipe in English

afghani musliim pulao recipe

Afghani Musliim Pulao Recipe


Preparation full timeCooking timeHow many people is it for?
25 Min50 Min6 Persons


1.One kilo of chicken
2.Three bowls of rice
3.Salt to taste
4.Two tablespoons of crushed ginger and garlic
5.One bowl of fried onions
6.Five to six tomatoes
7.Two tablespoons of vinegar
8.A teaspoon of ground white pepper
9.Crushed Red Chilli One Tablespoon
10.Two medium potatoes
11.One bay leaf / laurel
12.Ten to twelve green chillies
13.Cooking oil as per requirement

Step by Step Instructions:

1.Wash the large pieces of chicken, then add salt, vinegar and four to six crushed green chilies. After some time, deep fry them in cooking oil and take them out.
2.In a large pan, add four to six tablespoons of cooking oil and heat the ginger and garlic and fry for one to two minutes.
3.Then add onion and tomato in it and add salt, red pepper and white pepper and fry until the oil separates.
4.Finally, add the fried chicken and mix well. Add salt and green chilies to the rice and boil it for a while and put the chicken spices in between.
5.Put the chicken and fried potato pieces on the edges and pour the rice on top. Cover and simmer for ten to twelve minutes on low heat.

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